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Paradise Management



Paradise Management is a real estate leasing, sales, and development company for the Central Valley with a focus on properties in San Ramon, Costa Rica which are integrated into local communities.

We are not merely selling you a piece of real estate, or a building site, or a house; it’s about connecting you to a life. We live here. (San Ramon Guide) The fact that we are personally nestled within the community allows us to find properties suited to your needs at an affordable price. We will introduce you to neighbors and essential professionals who will help you establish your place in a welcoming Tico community.

Our real estate development is driven by the desire to empower the community in which we have chosen to live by respecting the natural environment, choosing properties in existing neighborhoods, and promoting financial transactions that benefit local families.

View our Costa Rica housing listings.

View our Costa Rica property listings.

Paradise Management is owned and run by Frank Gillespie. Frank has almost 15 years of experience in the real estate business, serving as a real estate broker in two distinct markets: Buffalo, New York and San Ramon, Costa Rica. As such, Paradise Management offers a very special skill-set that is based on solid ethical standards and we take great care of our customers and clients. Frank held an active real estate broker’s license in New York right up until the moment that he hopped on a plane to make San Ramon, Costa Rica his new home.


Frank and his wife, Anna, explored most of Central America and every enchanting region of Costa Rica over the course of approximately ten years. They always had a feeling that Costa Rica was going to be the place that they would choose to settle down to raise a family in, and both of them fell in love with San Ramon from the very first visit. It was just a matter of figuring out how to accomplish a move to a foreign country at such a young age and with such limited financial resources. Then an obvious reality hit them! The only way to make a serious change in your life like that is by making the decision to be committed to your goal and then working towards it one day at a time. Everything is possible, and if the move to San Ramon, Costa Rica had not been a positive one, then at least they would have given this new, exciting life in a different culture an honest shot and could be satisfied with that.  It would not have been considered a failure if Frank & Anna had decided to move back to the United States or move somewhere else altogether. So, on November 5th, 2010, Buffalo, New York was left in the rear-view mirror and San Ramon, Costa Rica was on the horizon for the young couple.


Frank & Anna already owned a nice little piece of real estate in an amazing neighborhood. A small farm house, which needed serious renovation, was perched on some coffee producing land overlooking the ocean. Their adventure was upon them. The previous owners of Paradise Management, Janet Shure and Steven Freidmutter, were the wonderful people who sold them their real estate here in San Ramon. They helped to make the transition into paradise as smooth as possible. Now that Frank is the new owner of Paradise Management, he strives to offer the same comforting experience to his clients and customers. He lives in Costa Rica full-time and wants his neighbors to be happy with their purchases and satisfied with him as a real estate agent. The agents of Paradise Management are available to assist anyone who is interested in transitioning their life to one of Pura Vida in San Ramon. Some clients and customers are Costa Rican, of course, so they don’t need to assimilate to a new culture, but for those of you who do have questions, please consider Paradise Management to be at your service. Paradise Management has access to many properties and resources and utilizes a vast network of professional associates: bilingual Costa Rican attorneys, home inspectors, home builders, quality contractors, gardeners, housekeepers, and much more. Paradise Management has the necessary tools and the desire to create a positive, safe, and financially sound real estate experience for you, and can essentially be your “one-stop-shop” for real estate transactions in San Ramon, Costa Rica.


Sunset over the Ocean...


Come join us in what is still a relatively undiscovered part of Costa Rica, a very special place in a rapidly changing turbulent world. As some areas of Costa Rica are becoming over-developed, our locations are unique gems, just recently being discovered by the international community- by people who are craving a genuine Costa Rican experience. Folks who want a simpler life with a slower pace. Less stress. More sunshine and many smiling faces looking back at them. San Ramon, Costa Rica is a very, very special place and it’s on the rise. It would be wise to secure your piece of real estate in paradise while the prices are still reasonable.

If there is something specific that you are looking for and you do not see on this website, please contact us. Our local agents are looking for available real estate in San Ramon, Costa Rica regularly to provide the best selection of properties in the area. The agents of Paradise Management can find and help you purchase the home or the property of your dreams. PURA VIDA!!!

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